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FAQ - Frequently asked questions


Here you will find the answers to the most common questions about bronzing,
spray tan and what applies when ordering from Bronza.



Ordering & delivery


How long is your delivery time?

Answer: The delivery time varies depending on which country you're ordering from and which delivery option you choose at checkout. We deliver within about 1-3 weekdays within Sweden.
If you order on the weekend, the order will be sent the next weekday.



I wrote the wrong delivery address, what do I do now?

Answer: If your order has already been sent, there is unfortunately nothing we can do to change the delivery address.
If you have placed your order within the last 30 minutes, email hello@bronza.se and we will help you in the best way.



Can I return an item?

Answer: Unopened and unused products can be returned within 14 days after the package is picked up. Opened products cannot be returned.
Read our Terms & conditions for more information.



I have a complaint, how do I move forward?

Answer: Read our Terms & conditions and contact us at hello@bronza.se if you need further assistance. 



Spray tan / Self-bronzing


How long does a spray tan last?

Answer: A spray tan lasts 6-12 days depending on how well you have prepared your skin and you maintain the skin after the treatment. The more you expose the skin to heat, moisture, water, sweat, etc., the faster the color will fade as it sits on the outermost layer of the skin. On the face and on the hands, the color fades a little faster when you clean / wash them more often.. 



How long should I wait before taking a shower?

Answer: Our colors are fast-activated, which means you can rinse them off after 1-6 hours. However, we usually recommend waiting at least 3-6 hours for best results. The longer the color works before rinsing it off, the darker the result. We do not recommend sleeping with the bronzing.



How do I prepare for the spray tan/bronzing?

Answer: See our tanning tips for best results.



What are the products' ingredients?

Answer: See the product page for ingredient lists.



Do your products stain?

Answer: Both our spray tan liquids and Bronzing Mousse contain "color guard" so that you can easily see how to apply the formula. The colors are quick-drying and they only discolour immediately after the treatment and before you have showered off the excess color. After the first shower, the formula should not discolour on clothes / sheets. However, this can happen if you sweat a lot or rub against the color. Any stains go away in 30 degrees laundry.



I'm pregnant, can I spray tan?

Answer: Yes, after the first 12 weeks it is okay to do a spray tan while pregnant.



I'm getting married, how many days before should I book the spray tan?

Answer: We recommend that you spray tan two days before the wedding day. Then the color has time to settle nicely and you have time to shower at least twice before the big day.
You will have enough color but with a natural result. The most common color before weddings is Natural Bronze. 



I'm breastfeeding, is it safe to spray tan?

Answer: If you are breastfeeding and want to spray tan, we recommend that you inform your Bronzing artist about this, and cover your breasts / nipples during the treatment. 



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